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TR-110 podwójnie oznaczone 173B

TR-110 podwójnie oznaczone 173B

650/85-38 173
A8: do 40km/h
Opony wielosezonoweOpony wielosezonowe
8 816,10 zł
Cena za sztukę
Nr artykułu R-240570
Cena z VAT
Bezpłatna dostawa
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TR-110 podwójnie oznaczone 173B

Starmaxx TR-110 is a durable tire to the rear axle of tractor working in rural areas, characterized by the proven performance and viability. Strengthened and a strong tire cord provides excellent strength. Obtaining a long-time operation is possible through the use of special components for the construction of the tread rubber, which easily absorb impact and protect against leakage and abrasion. The modern model of tire tread that provides a smooth ride even on uneven ground. A wide area of the tire contact with the ground makes tire easily moves on different types of soil, without any burial to the soil, snow and or mud. Big shoulders tires adjust to the ground, preventing its ślizganiu up. Special design footer, prevents the tree from a tire and destroying footer.

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Indeks prędkości A8: do 40km/h
Indeks ciężkości 173
Wymiary opony: 650/85-38
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